My busy week in London!

Hi folks! I recently returned from my week in London, where I was part of an art exhibition at Bargehouse in London. It flew by far too quickly, but I got to make the most of my time there, which of course included going to all my favourite vegan-friendly eateries, and discovering some new ones…!

The easiest thing to do is make a list and include some pictures. Also, I will be adding some new info to the Favourite shops & eateries page:

Busaba Eathai

I used to eat here as a kid, during trips to London 🙂 The lovely smell of Thai food and incense is worth it on its own, and they also had a few vegan options. The choice is limited and is quite “salad-y”, although very tasty



We went here a total of… wait for it… five times during the week! As mentioned before, everything in this ice-cream shop on Wardour Street is vegan, including waffles, crepes, ice-cream, frozen yogurt, sauces, and toppings!

The letters on the sprinkles spell “PTWZMLESS” – what does it meeeeean?!

Pret & Veggie Pret

We were lucky enough to have a Pret right next to our hotel (although, considering the amount of Prets in London, that is not much of a coincidence), and it was a great place to pick up a sandwich or wrap for lunch. They seem to have expanded their vegan range 🙂


Always a favourite, and they do the nicest olives in the world. We were craving bolognese on the second day, and their new lentil ragu did the trick!


A 100% vegan place we discovered by accident near Tottenham Court Road station. They have a buffet every day, a bit like Tibits, and everything tastes VERY healthy! The decor is lovely, with comfy benches, cushions, chairs made out of tree stumps, and cosy lighting.


Again, always a favourite, we came here about five times as well! The fact that they have added a new chocolate pudding was possibly the most important moment of my week:

Temple of Hackney

We were determined to make a pilgrimage to this new vegan “fried chicken” place, and it was definitely worth getting lost on the tube when we tasted how good their “chicken” and mac ‘n’ cheese is. Problem is, you want to order everything on the menu!! I ended up having a wrap as well as the mac ‘n’ cheese (which came in a tub and was a thing of beauty). We made it with five minutes till closing time, and it was still really busy (which is all the more satisfying considering it is next door to a deserted butchers shop!) 😀


Lola’s Cupcakes

At most tube stations, they have a selection of about six vegan cakes, which are yummy although a bit pricey! Worth is as a treat, to take away the stress of the underground 😀


London again!

Hi folks! Jacob and I went on another day trip to London yesterday, in order to meet up with a friend and visit the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy. Our friend had told us about Vegan Hippo, an entirely vegan cafe where she works, so we went there to try their speciality pulled jackfruit burger, hot dog, and some lovely gooey cookies 🙂 The burger was amazing (and impossible to eat neatly!). I had heard a lot of good things about jackfruit from the vegan community, and can now see why! It is a delicious and healthy substitute for pulled pork:

Pulled jackfruit burger and kale crisps: two new favourites!
Hot dog!
The last bite of a cookie, and rhino table number 😀
Arty walls 🙂

We also finally visited Veggie Pret, which was very empty by the time we got there! But we still managed to have a nice choice of sandwiches and drinks 🙂 They did vegan chai latte – yay!!

Laaandan nosh!

We’re back from our two nights in London, and now have a few days relaxing before going to Edinburgh! 🙂 It was a very eventful few days, and my top achievements were managing to navigate London transport without any hitches, and plucking up the courage to sing a karaoke song in front of a room of strangers for the first time 😀

Obviously we could choose between a huge variety of vegan-friendly eateries (ahh how refreshing!), and took full advantage of the lovely food available…

I’ll do a little itinerary of where we went and what we had:

Wed 3rd August

  • Took the National Express from Bath to London Victoria and travelled to our hotel to check-in.
  • Popped into Subway before going to see The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre (wooooo spooky noises)
  • Ate at Sagar vegetarian Indian restaurant, then went for a couple of cocktails 🙂
Poori (giant puffed bread)!
Chickpea channa masala, vegetable pilau rice and green salad

Thurs 4th August

  • Got the bus to Highgate and walked through Waterlow Park through to the Cemetery (we came across a tiny café where we assumed we wouldn’t be able to get anything, but it transpired that the waiter was vegan too, and got us some bagels!!) So unexpected and funny 😀
  • Had a tour of Highgate Cemetery (wooooo more spooky noises)
  • Got the tube to Mildred’s restaurant in Soho, which was amazing!
Summer burrito, tofu burger, best sweet potato fries we’ve ever had, oriental broccoli
Raw chocolate cheesecake and salted caramel truffles (and Jacob!)
  • Did some sightseeing around Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and the London Eye
  • Went out for drinks and karaoke with a friend of ours whoo lives in London 🙂
All set! 😀

Fri 5th August

  • Checked out of our hotel and got the tube to Victoria Station, where we got lunch at Pret A Manger (Ironically we happened to walk right past the Veggie Pret in Soho the day before, but we didn’t go in cause we were going to Mildreds! Only in London would you pass up a great vegan-friendly eatery to go to another one!)
Mushroom and avocado sushi, and acai berry granola pot
  • Got the National Express back home 🙂

We have already planned our next trip to London: a meet-and-greet with Meat Loaf, of all things!! It’s only the musical kind of meatloaf we like 😀