Chocolate Sunday!

(Pun very much intended)

Happy Easter folks! (If you celebrate it, or at least have some chocolate!) 😀

I have to say that I do find Easter, like most traditional celebrations, very strange if they involve animal products; for example, a lot of people eat lamb at Easter. In other words, they are celebrating the start of new life by eating a new life 😦 And of course all the dairy chocolate which meant that babies had to be separated from their mothers…


Human hypocrisy at its finest :/

Anyway, we have been enjoying some treats today! Here are some examples of vegan Easter treats you can easily find in the shops: Asda freefrom caramel crispy squares, Poppets, Choices egg, Celtic egg, vegan sweets and freefrom cookies, all from Sainsbury’s 🙂 Omnomnom…


Also, I wanted to mention a lovely lunch I had with my uni friends recently at Beyond the Kale. Their roasted veg wrap was absolutely delicious, accompanied by an energising juice and spiced wedges, with a strawberry cheesecake for dessert:


Hoppy Easter!

Morning folks, Happy Chocolate Day to you! Just a quick post on what we got for Easter, maybe to give you future inspiration, if any of you want to go for a dairy-free option in the future 🙂

This is what we got each other: a Choices ‘milk’- chocolate caramel egg, and Lindt dark gold bunny:


My dad posted us a couple of other things, which were a Celtic dark mint egg, and a Montezuma eco-egg 🙂