I’m back!

I am finally installed in my new house, and have wifi back 😀

Keynsham is a lot smaller than Bath, but is still within easy commute by bus or train, and has its own decent selection of shops; a big Tesco, small Sainsbury’s, and a healthfood shop which has a good choice of vegan items 🙂

I have discovered that Tesco is very vegan-friendly, and has its own labelling system. As well as the usual “accidentally-vegan” items, they have a couple of freefrom sections, and a small range of vegan frozen stuff like spicy burgers.

Some excellent dairy replacements I found are:

  • Blackcurrant cheesecakes
  • Strawberry creamy yogurts
  • Cornettos!!!

Apologies for the blurry photo; I was just so excited to eat it!


P.S. I was very amused by the label on this Booja Booja ice-cream – first ingredient: “water from reverse osmosis”😂 I have never seen a more scientific-sounding ingredient!



It’s been a while!!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I last posted! Since last time, I have had my 23rd birthday, Halloween, and an absolute tonne of food pics and thoughts…

I don’t want my posts to become too repetitive, so from now on, I will mostly be posting new recipes, useful finds, and thoughts and FAQs. Now that I have become thoroughly confident in veganism, those are the most important elements of this blog 🙂

Since my last post, I have had the pleasure of trying several new vegan products: Vegenaise, Booja Booja ice cream, and some “accidentally vegan” spicy prawn flavour noodles from Lidl!

Do excuse this awfully blurry image of a bowl of chilli (which Vegenaise complements deliciously):


Absolutely gorgeous Booja Booja chocolate salted caramel ice-cream 😀


In order to keep this post manageably brief, I will just add a few of the best meals I have had recently:

Mezze at The Green Rocket Cafe on my birthday 🙂 …
… and breakfast there with Jacob a few days later!
Lovely warming Fry’s steak-style pie, mash and veg for the cold weather
[Very untidy!] fajitas with avocado and Vegenaise
Linda McCartney burgers with all the trimmings!!

More posts will follow soon – I will try not to leave it so long again 😀 Ciao for now!

Answers to stupid questions :D

Ciao peeps! It’s been a while since I wrote a post about general thoughts and/or frustrations regarding the attitudes of defensive omnivores towards vegans. The links below are a combination of serious, informative and humorous answers to those questions which all vegans are tired of hearing. Since reading them, I have ended up discussing some of the topics with a few omnis who were open-minded and interested in going vegan in the future 🙂





Something I find particularly ironic is when omnis ask where vegans get their protein, or whether they are getting the right vitamins, because of how hypocritical the questions usually are. The vast majority of omnivores do not make sure they get all the right nutrients, vitamins and protein, and do not take good care of their health, but people never automatically ask an omnivore “Are you getting enough B12? Make sure you don’t turn anaemic!” etc. etc. As a side note, I was talking to a vegan colleague at work yesterday, and she was saying that apparently it is not possible to be deficient in protein but, funnily enough, you can have too much! I did not know this and will have to find out more.

Another question which irritates me is “Do you take supplements?” because it is usually asked with an accusatory air, as if a vegan diet alone cannot possibly provide all our essential vitamins. As it happens, I do occasionally take a vegan multi-vitamin tablet, but ONLY if I feel I need an extra boost (as a lot of onmis also do!). For example, nutritional yeast is packed full of B12, but I do not eat nutritional yeast all the time. Similarly, I am prone to getting leg cramps, and so if I am not currently eating leafy greens, I might take a magnesium supplement to help me along 🙂

So to summarise, all those judgemental and defensive omnivores can move on and stop being hypocritical! 😀

On a more cheerful note, I made a lentil and spinach curry again the other day (recipe here: Cooking curry!) and this time I remembered to take a picture. I didn’t bother with the raita this time, because the weather has been thoroughly weird and unseasonably cold, so I wanted something warming:

Comforting curry

On a slightly warmer day recently, we tried Booja Booja’s chocolate ice-cream, which was amazing! Until vegan Ben & Jerry’s becomes widely available, this will be my go-to cinema companion (as well as Jacob of course!)

Enter a caption

I also tried a simple new recipe for vegan mayonnaise, which somebody posted on Facebook and involved combining 1 cup of oil, 1/2 cup soya milk, salt n pepper, 1 tbsp vinegar and 1 tbsp mustard. It turned out far too runny though, even after being left in the fridge, and was a bit too mustardy for my personal taste as well, so I will adjust this in the future and post an update. I could tell that, with a few alterations, it will be delicious 🙂 Until then, I’m going to add garlic powder and herbs to a tub of vegan mayo from Sainsbury’s, to make an easy substitute pizza dip 😀

Unexpected treats!

Hey folks, I wanted to share a meal we had the other night, because it included two key ingredients which I thought I would never be able to have again (unless I made them from scratch by myself):

Main course was Thai Red Curry, made with a curry paste from Lidl. I was super surprised that it didn’t have fish in it, and was scanning the ingredients like 5 times to make sure! I made it by frying a combination of Fry’s chicken strips and mixed oriental veg, before adding the paste and some coconut milk. I served it with jasmine rice, and it was thoroughly yummy 🙂

Thai red curry and jasmine rice

I had read on PETA’s list of accidentally vegan foods that Mr Kipling’s apple and blackcurrant pies are suitable, and so for pudding we had these warmed up and served with a small tub of Booja Booja vanilla ice-cream between us 🙂

Pies and ice-cream 🙂

Just shows, there are surprises to find everywhere!