Latest yummy things

This week has been a good one for vegan food; Sainsbury’s has recently announced that it is becoming even more vegan-friendly, and the evidence was there to see when I went shopping yesterday! They had new vegan products by Quorn, Linda McCartney and Cauldron, including fishless fingers, chicken-style nuggets, pieces and fillets, pulled ‘chicken’, hoisin ‘duck’, and spicy burgers 😀

‘Chicken’ pasta with garlic bread and avocado:


New Quorn fishless fingers with chips and mushy peas:


The fishless fingers were surprisingly realistic, in a good way; they weren’t too fishy-tasting, but had a nice texture and mild flavour.

Quorn’s chicken-style products are OK, but overall I prefer Fry’s for that sort of thing; It’s down to personal preference. Maybe it’s because I used to like real chicken, so I prefer a more realistic taste and texture?

Quorn’s spicy burgers are really nice; they aren’t overwhelmingly spicy, and aren’t too big either, so you can happily have two at a time 😉

I will add other products to my Best substitutes & treats page as I try them 🙂


OK, this is awkward…

I’ve just realised that TODAY is my veganniversary, not the 8th!!! I had it stuck in my head that it was the 8th January, not the 18th, for some reason. The only reason I realised was because my ‘first vegan shop’ post from a year ago popped up on Timehop just now!

Turns out I celebrated slightly prematurely! Don’t know why I didn’t just look at the archives on here; that would have told me the correct date… *Feels very stupid*

Handmade Burger Co.

A couple of nights ago, we suddenly realised that Bath has a Handmade Burger Co, branch! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner – I’ve heard a lot of good things. They do about 4 vegan burger options, as well as loads of chips, sides and salads, and even vegan milkshakes made from soya ice-cream and soya milk!!

We had their Veg-Mex burgers, with sweet potato fries and side salads (which they kindly gave to us free, because they had run out of buns!)


I was actually very glad of this, because it meant that I had room for a strawberry milkshake 😀 Jacob had delicious Oreo flavour:


Latest food!

Hi folks! I wanted to post a few food recipes and images from the past few weeks. I have written about a few new vegan-friendly eateries in my Favourite shops & eateries page recently and thought I would post a few images from them all so you can see the sort of things they do:

My dad and I went to a little cafe in Taunton called The Planet, which is entirely vegan and does fresh hot food and lovely cakes 🙂 I had ‘cheesy’ pasta, which tasted very realistic and was very filling, my dad had chilli, and we both had cake for afters:



Also, for my one-year veganniversary celebrations, Jacob and I went to Las Iguanas, which has recently expanded its vegan menu, and are currently doing 2-for-1 on all vegan main courses to support veganuary! It was delicious there: we had guacamole to start, then curry/three mushroom fajita, then a really yummy blancmange-type thing called ‘tembleque’, as well as some cocktails!





Also, here are some of my best home-cooked things from recent times 🙂


This was spaghetti with a sauce made from Sainsbury’s own vegan mince, their Taste the Difference cherry tomato and chilli pasta sauce, and green peppers, topped with Violife cheese and with garlic bread made from par-baked baguettes and spread with ‘Pure’ sunflower, basil and garlic granules. Yum!


These are the fajitas I made last night, using Fry’s chicken-style strips, peppers, onions and the same tomato and chilli sauce as above. I also made a ‘deconstructed guacamole’ with avocado, tomato, red onion and a bit of lime juice and black pepper 🙂


Last but certainly not least, I made Betty Crocker brownies with Swedish Glace ice-cream!!!! ❤

It’s my first veganniversary!

Today, I am celebrating my one-year veganniversary!! This time last year, I was walking from uni into town and made the decision to go fully vegan. I was feeling slightly nervous, but simultaneously very excited and relieved of the hypocrisy which had been a massive weight on my shoulders whilst I had been a meat-eater and a vegetarian 🙂


Since that day, I have learned to cook all my favourite meals (and discovered how to cook many additional ones), eaten at loads of delicious vegan-friendly restaurants, and continued to educate myself about the benefits of veganism, and have become quite a little activist! I post about vegan matters on social media and talk about it with my friends, despite the occasional defensive backlash I receive. A few of my friends have gone vegan recently as well, and it’s such a lovely, rewarding thing to hear, especially when they contact me personally for advice 🙂


I also have saved a huge stash of thought-provoking memes, hence the use of many of them right now! 😀


I can honestly say that the hardest part of being vegan is the prejudice you get from some meat-eaters (and even some veggies!). There is nothing hard about veganism itself at all, and the positive feeling you get every time you eat a meal or wear clothes which have no death or suffering in, is the best feeling ever 🙂


I am so hopeful that 2017 will continue to make veganism mainstream, and that in a short time, being vegan will be as normal as being vegetarian is already. After all, a few years ago, veggies were receiving the same prejudice that vegans do at the moment!


Racism, sexism and homophobia have already been eradicated in everyday life, and speciesism is the next target. What gives humans the right to deliberately take the lives of 58 BILLION animals every single year, when there is simply no need to, and it is so detrimental to our wellbeing and the environment?! At the moment, livestock animals are literally born to die. A baby animal is born because, in the near future, some human wants to eat it. This simply wrong, disrespectful and immoral.

Going vegan was the best decision I have ever made, and I am looking forward to celebrating many many more “veganniversaries” in the future 😀