The hols are here!

The winter holiday is finally here!! Phew – I feel like it is well needed 😀

I had a pretty awful time last week, but I like to keep this blog about positivity and worthwhile information… Let’s just say that a few people really showed their true colours, and their negative opinions about my vegan diet! But that is OK; I already knew they disagreed with me, they are no longer on my social media, and I have enough real friends at uni to not have to interact with the horrible few 🙂

Onwards and upwards.

I had my last dissertation tutorial yesterday, and guess what? IT WASN’T A DISASTER!! My tutor said it all makes sense and didn’t give me too many things to alter 😀 So, apart from actually finishing writing the damn thing, I can truly relax and enjoy Christmas! More on that to come, I’m sure… 😉

My uni canteen is (albeit very reluctantly!) continuing to provide quite a few vegan options, including ‘Meat-free Mondays’, when they have hot meals such as pasta bake, chilli, curry etc. 🙂 They have also updated their sandwich range to include a hummous and roasted veg panino! This sausage and chutney sandwich was a little dry, but very tasty:


Also, I just wanted to put this plate of deliciousness here 🙂 It is Fry’s steak-style pie, mash, gravy and veg:



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