Lidl being annoying…

It’s not often that I do angry posts, but Lidl is really getting on my nerves at the moment…

Working there is a necessary evil for me at this present moment, because they are extremely accommodating of my uni needs, and pay a good wage. However, their meat adverts are blatantly stupid!

Their TV adverts are sadistic (and have apparently inadvertently turned a lot of people veggie or vegan!! 😀 ) and their posters in store are exactly the same :/ Take this one, for example, which was right next to where I was sitting on the checkout yesterday:

“This is about as natural as you’ll ever get a turkey”

Yeah, because it’s completely natural for turkeys to be bred in huge numbers, fattened up by humans on farms (whether “free range” or otherwise), slaughtered long before their natural life expectancy, wrapped in plastic, and shipped to supermarkets where they are bought by humans in exchange for money… 😦

They are obviously trying to disarm meat-eaters who care about buying “free-range” or “humanely slaughtered” animals 😦 Well, I and many other vegans realised that those concepts are nonsense a long time ago! Stop trying to cover your back, Lidl!!


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