Snacks at work and uni

I have posted only once about the snacks I eat at work and at uni. Recently, a few more options have become available, so I thought I’d give a little update 🙂

My pre-work ‘snacks’ have to be quick and pretty substantial, because I usually don’t get a break until 3+ hours into my shift, so I often have a microwave rice with some added extras. This one has some leftover ratatouille and salad 🙂 For my break, I will take noodles, or whatever leftovers I have from the previous day.


The uni canteen is continuing to up its game with vegan options (although I was very disappointed recently, when I was suddenly told that their hot chocolate powder has milk it it! So all the mochas I’ve had at uni have not been vegan, unbeknownst to me 😦 )

However, probably due to the large number of vegans at my campus, they have introduced a new range of sandwiches, which include three vegan ones like the one below:

I am sticking to lattes from now on, too! :O

They will also sometimes have a vegan hot meal available. Jacob got very lucky the other day, when he came to visit me and they had vegan burritos!!



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