Lidl being annoying…

It’s not often that I do angry posts, but Lidl is really getting on my nerves at the moment…

Working there is a necessary evil for me at this present moment, because they are extremely accommodating of my uni needs, and pay a good wage. However, their meat adverts are blatantly stupid!

Their TV adverts are sadistic (and have apparently inadvertently turned a lot of people veggie or vegan!! 😀 ) and their posters in store are exactly the same :/ Take this one, for example, which was right next to where I was sitting on the checkout yesterday:

“This is about as natural as you’ll ever get a turkey”

Yeah, because it’s completely natural for turkeys to be bred in huge numbers, fattened up by humans on farms (whether “free range” or otherwise), slaughtered long before their natural life expectancy, wrapped in plastic, and shipped to supermarkets where they are bought by humans in exchange for money… 😦

They are obviously trying to disarm meat-eaters who care about buying “free-range” or “humanely slaughtered” animals 😦 Well, I and many other vegans realised that those concepts are nonsense a long time ago! Stop trying to cover your back, Lidl!!


London fun and rushing around!

This Thursday and Friday, Jacob and I used a pair of free coach tickets to go to London again, where we had fun sightseeing, going up The Shard, and eating yummy things 🙂

On Thursday, we went to Tibits again, as we already know it is very nice there:

The usual mixture of everything I can fit on my plate! 😀

And on Friday, we had a very simple breakfast of toast and jam, as it was provided at our hotel, then later on went to Hummus Bros, Yorica, and Zizzis (we had a voucher wooo!)

Hummus Bros and Yorica are practically next door to each other, on Wardour Street near Chinatown, and our friend was so determined to show them to us that we almost missed our View at the Shard booking, and our coach home!! I have written about both places on my Favourite shops & eateries page under the London subheading 🙂

Pasta pomodoro at Zizzi
A tub-full of deliciousness at Yorica!

I have not included a photo of our snack from Hummus Bros, as we suddenly realised we had five minutes before we needed to leave for The Shard, bundled our food into a bag and ended up eating its (rather squashed!) contents over three hundred metres in the air!


Hi folks! Yet again, I have found myself too busy to post for a little while… what with uni studio work, writing my dissertation (first draft nearly done wooo!) and my wifi cutting out for the past few days!

A couple of weekends ago, I met up with my dad in Bristol and we went for lunch at Zizzi before heading to an art exhibition. They recently added some new options to their vegan menu:


My favourite Giganti olives!
Delicious lentil ragu – perfect for a chilly day 🙂
Dessert calzone: a little dry but nice flavours

Also, a short time later, Jacob and I went to see Matt Berry perform at SWX Bristol and, before we arrived, stopped off for some food at the “Eat a Pitta” stall in Cabot Circus. This little place is great – you get a box full to the brim with different salads of your choice, falafel, and a nice warm pitta bread 🙂


More posts following very shortly…! 😀

Snacks at work and uni

I have posted only once about the snacks I eat at work and at uni. Recently, a few more options have become available, so I thought I’d give a little update 🙂

My pre-work ‘snacks’ have to be quick and pretty substantial, because I usually don’t get a break until 3+ hours into my shift, so I often have a microwave rice with some added extras. This one has some leftover ratatouille and salad 🙂 For my break, I will take noodles, or whatever leftovers I have from the previous day.


The uni canteen is continuing to up its game with vegan options (although I was very disappointed recently, when I was suddenly told that their hot chocolate powder has milk it it! So all the mochas I’ve had at uni have not been vegan, unbeknownst to me 😦 )

However, probably due to the large number of vegans at my campus, they have introduced a new range of sandwiches, which include three vegan ones like the one below:

I am sticking to lattes from now on, too! :O

They will also sometimes have a vegan hot meal available. Jacob got very lucky the other day, when he came to visit me and they had vegan burritos!!


It’s been a while!!

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I last posted! Since last time, I have had my 23rd birthday, Halloween, and an absolute tonne of food pics and thoughts…

I don’t want my posts to become too repetitive, so from now on, I will mostly be posting new recipes, useful finds, and thoughts and FAQs. Now that I have become thoroughly confident in veganism, those are the most important elements of this blog 🙂

Since my last post, I have had the pleasure of trying several new vegan products: Vegenaise, Booja Booja ice cream, and some “accidentally vegan” spicy prawn flavour noodles from Lidl!

Do excuse this awfully blurry image of a bowl of chilli (which Vegenaise complements deliciously):


Absolutely gorgeous Booja Booja chocolate salted caramel ice-cream 😀


In order to keep this post manageably brief, I will just add a few of the best meals I have had recently:

Mezze at The Green Rocket Cafe on my birthday 🙂 …
… and breakfast there with Jacob a few days later!
Lovely warming Fry’s steak-style pie, mash and veg for the cold weather
[Very untidy!] fajitas with avocado and Vegenaise
Linda McCartney burgers with all the trimmings!!

More posts will follow soon – I will try not to leave it so long again 😀 Ciao for now!