London again!

Hi folks! Jacob and I went on another day trip to London yesterday, in order to meet up with a friend and visit the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy. Our friend had told us about Vegan Hippo, an entirely vegan cafe where she works, so we went there to try their speciality pulled jackfruit burger, hot dog, and some lovely gooey cookies 🙂 The burger was amazing (and impossible to eat neatly!). I had heard a lot of good things about jackfruit from the vegan community, and can now see why! It is a delicious and healthy substitute for pulled pork:

Pulled jackfruit burger and kale crisps: two new favourites!
Hot dog!
The last bite of a cookie, and rhino table number 😀
Arty walls 🙂

We also finally visited Veggie Pret, which was very empty by the time we got there! But we still managed to have a nice choice of sandwiches and drinks 🙂 They did vegan chai latte – yay!!


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