Recent food pics

Here are a few recent food pictures, recipes and tips from the last month 🙂

Firstly, here is this stir fry I made a few weeks ago, from Fry’s chicken strips, vegetables and teriyaki sauce from Lidl, with shredded cucumber:


Secondly, I was delighted to find vegan meatballs in Sainsbury’s (a new item, right next to their own brand vegan mince!), so I made this pasta dish using them, fresh cherry tomatoes, Lloyd Grossman tomato and basil sauce and onions (with a side of avocado of course):


Another delicious new find in Sainsbury’s was this freefrom ice-cream, which has a gorgeous light texture and yummy strawberry and coconut flavour:


Aaaaaand lastly, a little tip from me: buy Jus-roll pastry, and make your own baked treats by rolling either strawberry jam, or this milk-style chocolate spread from Plamil, into it! You’re welcome, in advance! 😀



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