Facebook kindly reminded me that it’s a year ago today that I went vegetarian! At the time, I was doubtful that I would make it to being vegan, but after just a few months I made the change 🙂 Here are the posts I wrote a year ago, and today:

Last year’s post:

I am finding myself rapidly going off any foods which contain meat and animal products. I’m going vegetarian, as soon as I find a nice-tasting chicken substitute, and hopefully vegan soon after 🙂 I’ve been very aware of the cruelty, and environmental impact, of the meat and dairy industries for ages and feel it would be hypocritical and lazy of me to not make any changes.

This is completely my decision; I’ve had no pressure from Jacob whatsoever. However, being his girlfriend has made me aware of the absolutely delicious vegan meat and dairy substitutes which are readily available at all the shops! I prefer them to the real thing anyway 😀

Today’s post:

It’s a year ago today that I went veggie! And just five months later I ended up going vegan despite thinking, like most people, that “I wouldn’t be able to”.

But guess what? I was able to. Because all animals are equal, and deserve life without unnecessary interference and exploitation from humans. Especially considering that animal products aren’t meant for us anyway, and that we can get all our nutrients from plant-based foods! (As millions of vegans are already proving every day, despite all the ridicule and arguing we encounter.)

Why choose meat, dairy etc. when it contributes to the needless suffering of billions of animals every day (including ourselves)? We all need to wake up and boycott the animal industries as much as possible. For the planet, for the animals, for our health i.e. for the most important elements of our existence.


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