Edinburgh Fringe 2016!

I have now returned home from Edinburgh with a bad cold (unsurprising considering I have been mingling with thousands of tourists!) and deafness in one ear from the high pressure on the plane home! Totally worth it though; Jacob and I had an absolutely fab few days, and we’re already hoping to return next year 🙂

Edinburgh is absolutely fantastic for vegan food, and is a very inclusive place, so I have lots of pictures and info about various eateries we visited:

View from Zizzi’s 🙂

We discovered a brilliant little place on Pleasance called BBL (Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch) where we ended up going every morning for either an all-day breakfast, or a burger which came with vegan bacon rashers too!

BBL’s vegan menu
And their all-day breakfast!
The Auld Hoose’s famous massive nachos! (and a defeated-looking Jacob) 😀
Affogato ice-cream

We had a slightly stressful time trying to find somewhere to have dinner on the third evening, as everywhere was very busy and we ended up being turned away from Kalpna and David Bann because they were full! However, this turned out very well as I dived into the nearest Indian restaurant (Red Fort) and the staff were extremely helpful with catering for us. They made us three delicious vegetable-based dishes, pilau rice and garlic naan for just £7.90 each with student discount!


Missy’s vegan cupcakes 🙂 ❤

Henderson’s was a gem of a find, in the New Town on the corner of Thistle Street (where they have an entirely vegan branch too!), which does big portions of veggie and vegan food for very good value, and also offers student discount. We ate there twice once we had discovered it 😀

Haggis and mash, then apple pie and coconut cream
Pizza and salad, then a huge jam doughnut!
The Baked Potato Shop’s vegan menu 🙂
(We were full!)

It was nice to see this poster on a random bus stop 🙂


We will miss you, Edinburgh!



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