Theatrical times :D

Wow I can’t believe the theatre show I was in is over! I really miss it already and am excited for when the film is uploaded onto YouTube! It went very successfully and it was great fun to perform in Novato Productions at The Mission Theatre again 🙂 The past couple of weeks have been insanely busy, what with the intensive rehearsals, three show nights and making more arrangements for our house move in mid-June.

So I don’t end up writing an entire dissertation (yet!), I will just post about a few foodie highlights which have happened recently.

Firstly, we paid another visit to The Stable for some vegan pizza, as I enjoyed it so much when I visited with my theatre group. Apparently there was an event there a short time ago, where all the vegans in Bath went as a group for a meal 🙂

I’ll leave out the photo of Jacob eating salad…


Kidding! 😀


Next, a couple of my favourite meals we’ve had recently. Sadly, a lot of stuff I’ve had over the rehearsal period has been easy, quick snacks suitable for taking to the theatre dressing room, but has nonetheless included some yummy things, such as a pitta bread wrap from Pret A Manger 🙂

Here’s a stir-fry I made using Fry’s beef-style strips, button mushrooms, green pepper, and noodles and black bean sauce from Sainsbury’s:


Also, a burger meal using Linda McCartney burgers, fried onions, ketchup, seeded buns, salad, avocado and spiced potato wedges 🙂 omnomnomnom!!


Lastly, the other day I had a lovely catch-up with a friend in town, where we met in Costa and I ended up getting a strawberry cooler made with soya milk! I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to get one, but I did and it was scrumptious for a sunny day 🙂


Something else which made me happy was seeing this book near the entrance of Urban Outfitters, which was full of reasons to be vegan and some useful recipes:


The sceptical side of me was very aware that it was probably there only because a lot of people seem to view veganism as a fashionable dietary choice, which people only adopt to be hipster or whatever… :/ But honestly, I don’t really mind why people become vegan; surely the very fact that people are choosing veganism, and educating themselves on reasons for doing so, then that is great news? Particularly if they then do it for life 🙂

The fact that veganism is getting so much attention at the moment is fantastic because, even if it is ridiculed by some people because they feel threatened or defensive, it is still better than not getting any attention at all, because then more and more people will become aware of it and hopefully do their research and make dietary changes for the better 🙂

Ciao for now, everyone! The next time I post, I may well be installed in my new house 😀