Yummy yoghurt!

Whilst sitting on the tills for over three hours at a time at Lidl, my mind wanders to either daydreams or annoying little musings. Yesterday it was the latter, when I randomely remembered that I had an unopened pot of soya yoghurt in the fridge, and wondered how to use it up.

Lidl sells tubs of frozen berries and, when I saw a couple of them being bought, I realised that I could combine these with the yoghurt to make frozen yoghurt (which I have always preferred to ice-cream). I tried this when I got home by mixing them together in my blender, which worked surprisingly well, seeing as my blender is rubbish! (You get what you pay for with blenders, and I chose a very cheap one online.) I poured the result into a tub and popped it in the freezer, so we can add a sweetener of our choice onto individual portions 🙂 This was the vivid result:

Frozen berry yoghurt

I also wanted to share a picture and brief recipe of our dinner tonight – Fry’s chicken tacos -because it was delish and looked nice 😀

  • Prepare salad (we had tomatoes, lettuce and avocado
  • Fry the ‘chicken’ strips with onions, mushrooms, a sun-dried tomato stir-in sauce, and fajita seasoning
  • Divide the mixture into soft taco shells and top with grated violife cheese
  • Pop in the oven at 160 for about 10 mins

On a side note, Sacla bolognese sauce (available in freefrom section) is the nicest ready-made sauce we have had (and we’ve tried a few!!)


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