Food at work and uni

Ciao peeps! It’s been another busy week, made harder to handle because I managed to become well acquainted with a bout of ‘flu which has been working its way around England… Oh well, back on the mend now and ready to tackle the next chapter of uni: a fun combo of assessment and dissertation prep.

In second year?! Apparently so…


It got me thinking that I’ve never really talked about the foods I eat whilst at uni and work, so I shall tell ye now! 😀

This is a fairly typical lunch from the Sion Hill campus canteen as, although they do vegan options, there are just two sandwich/wrap options. However, they have been known to do a vegan giant samosa with rice and mango sauce, and an adapted falafel baguette 🙂 If I went into uni for lunch on a regular basis, I would try to bring in my own food, to save money, but I tend to go up after lunch unless I have an early lecture. I have a habit of buying a soya latte or mocha, but have recently invested in a pot of Douwe Egberts instant vanilla coffee, which I take in a Thermos flask, mixed with hot water, a bit of xylitol and soya milk 🙂

Chilli jam salad wrap and jalapeño crisps

In terms of work at Lidl, I always take my own food because I never want to eat into my break-time buying food and queuing up in store (no pun intended). To be as easy and quick as possible, as well as filling, I have a noodle- or rice-based snack. Most often, it’s an Uncle Ben’s Mexican rice packet (takes 2 mins to heat in the microwave), accompanied by a bit of vegan butter and avocado/extra sweetcorn/tomatoes 🙂 It’s thoroughly yummy and I’m not bored of it yet, even though I have it A LOT!!


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