Random foodie bits

Hello lovely people 🙂 It’s been another little while since my last post because – you guessed it – I’ve been busy! (Mostly with eating the chocolate we got at Easter…)

Being vegan is totally instinctive to me now, and the idea of eating meat, and many animal products, is as foreign as the idea of eating my sofa. I haven’t been making many meals totally from scratch recently, but have been making a lot of “put-together” meals, such as pastas and roasts made using a combination of fresh ingredients and the occasional jar of ready-made sauce or meat substitute. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that; that’s how most people cook anyway! Totally normal 😀

I just want to share a few foodie bits from the last few days: some nice meals and product reviews. Below is an awful photo of a delicious pasta meal we had, with garlic bread made using par-baked baguettes, mixed dried herbs, vegan butter and minced garlic. To make it, you simply spread a mixture of the butter, herbs and garlic onto each slice of baguette, and bake in the oven for as long as the packet says (usually about 10 mins).

N.B. the TARDIS salt ‘n’ pepper shakers!

We also had vegan pesto with this meal (Sacla freefrom), and I realised something funny: I used to hate pesto, but that is because non-vegan pesto has a parmesan-like cheese in it. Without the cheesy taste, pesto is delish!

Another meal I made, for the first time, was courgette spaghetti (with smoked tofu which our friends brought Jacob on his birthday) as an appreciation of our favourite starter at The Green Rocket. It wasn’t my favourite thing I’ve made, although Jacob enjoyed it very much, because I think I overcooked it slightly… Oh well, practice makes perfect 🙂

Random intermittent note: Baby courgettes are as cute as baby crocodiles. And the same colour.

I also wanted to include a review of a fake gammon joint I got from Holland & Barrett (the brand was called Cheatin’) and cooked with roast veggies. I was never keen on pork products, but gammon was Jacob’s favourite meat, and he said the taste was pretty spot-on. However, the texture was a bit too mushy; it needed to be smoother and shinier in order to be totally realistic. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the whole joint as centre stage in a meal, but it would be perfect as an ingredient in something else, such as a pasty or pasta.


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