Birthday bonanza!

Hi folks, sorry for my absence again recently! Been very busy with work, theatre rehearsals and house stuff… Anyhoo, yesterday was Jacob’s 24th, which I had a lot of fun planning and we both had a lovely day 🙂


Veganism is now totally instinctive to me, and I’m enjoying finding accidentally-vegan treats, and cooking meals from scratch more than I ever have before. I’m no longer even a little bit tempted by non-vegan food (with the exception of a rainbow cheesecake my housemate made the other day; I must find an alternative recipe!) and feel better for it.

In fact, the hardest part of being vegan is my job, because putting huge hunks of raw meat through the tills is always gross :/ Especially when it won’t scan properly, and you have to hold it for ages whilst trying to type in the barcode! Gragh!! However, I was delighted when one of my colleagues told me that she’s also gone vegan 🙂 It’s always lovely when people tell you that they’re making the change as well (or at least don’t start an unprovoked debate with you about their differing views…!)

In terms of food yesterday, we had a lovely variety: I made garlic mushrooms on toast for lunch, and we went to Indian Temptation in the evening:

Garlic mushrooms on toast
I only remembered to take a picture of the starter 😀

I made Jacob’s birthday cake in advance on Saturday night, after rehearsals, using Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food cake mix (with my own egg substitute added) and vanilla frosting and Oreos on top. It was super-easy and turned out delicious 🙂 (Lighting 24 candles without burning yourself is no mean feat btw!)

Oreo cake!

Two of our friends popped over unexpectedly in the evening and brought some thoughtful vegan treats, including two nut roasts and some smoked tofu (Jacob’s favourite!), so we’ll have fun cooking some lovely meals with those soon. Right now, I have to go and meet him in town, as we’re going to do some food shopping, as another friend is joining us for dinner 🙂 Ciao for now 🙂


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