Yesterday, I finally sat down and watched Earthlings. Not because I felt like I needed to (because I am already aware and in the vegan mindset), but because it is such an important film, and one which continues to educate people today.

Part of me wishes I hadn’t, but only because it left me feeling upset and angry. I got teary about 8 mins in, just during the introduction, let alone what I was like when it started showing the footage…

I think what got to me the most was knowing that so many animals have known nothing but confusion, pain and fear, whereas people like me would show them nothing but care, love and respect. I know that a lot of the footage in Earthlings is from a few years ago and doesn’t represent every single slaughterhouse, chicken farm etc., but even the fact that this treatment still exists in many parts of the world makes me feel indescribably angry and helpless.

But we CAN help, by doing our bit: by living as cruelty-free as we can within our means and resources. Most of us simply do not need meat and animal products to survive in everyday life, and a lot of people consume a greedily huge amount of them too.

Watch films like these, and you will realise why vegans get a little tetchy when people say things like “but bacon” or “but fake leather shoes fall apart quicker”…


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