Because vegan pizza!!!

Today, Jacob and I tried a new cooking venture: assembling our own pizzas! We got pizza bases from Sainsbury’s and topped one with their veggie mince and green pepper, and the other with Fry’s chicken-style strips and mushrooms. Both also had passata, Violife cheese, onions and seasoning on them, and it was fairly straightforward assembling everything and cooking in the oven 🙂

Obviously, you could put whatever combinations of toppings you want, but basic instructions are:

  1. Pre-cook any toppings which need it (meat substitutes, hard veg, leafy greens, mushrooms and onions)
  2. Layer the passata, toppings, Violife and seasonings onto the base
  3. Cook according to instructions on the pizza base packet
A poor photo of yummy-looking pizzas straight from the oven, with salad as a side 😀
One happy hubby! (and camerawoman)

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