Well into week two!

Ciao peeps! Again, sorry for the absence over the past few days; I was ill, and then Jacob got the same thing and we’ve been focusing on getting better. Anyway, I feel like my brain in functioning well enough to write again now, so I’ll give a brief (?) overview of the past week πŸ™‚

I was struggling with appetite for a couple of days, so wasn’t able to eat much of whatever we made, so it was a relief on Sunday when it sort-of came back in time for my friend’s birthday meal! This was at Cafe 84, a local place down the road which was where I ate my last deliberate non-vegetarian meal (and my last accidental non-vegetarian one too, when the waitress made a mistake and served us chicken soup!). We ordered cheeseless pizza with extra vegetables, which were OK but the sauce could have been more tomatoey (oh well, they had 10 or so orders to deal with, so I forgive them).

On Monday, I went to Holland & Barrett in search of a couple of gammon and cheese flavoured quiches that we’ve tried before and are delish, but they were sold out :/ Instead, I got ham and cheese flavoured pasties which turned out to be equally as good. We had these with just some salad, as I had procured some cakes from The Green Rocket Cafe as a treat for the next couple of days. Their orange and pistachio flavour was incredible and tasted like carrot cake, but even better!!! (High praise indeed, coming from me)

Yesterday, I made sausage pasta for a quick lunch (wholewheat pasta, Linda McCartney sausages, Lloyd Grossman tomato and roasted garlic sauce, bit of water, mixed herbs, black pepper, peas), as we were intending to go out for a vegan curry evening later on. However, Jacob was feeling too chesty to venture out into the cold, so we stayed in and ordered the Two-for-Tuesday deal from Papa Johns πŸ˜€ Ironically, their tomato sauce was great, but there weren’t enough vegetables.

I’m popping home for a couple of days now, but when I come back, my next kitchen adventure will be chocolate mousse! I’m finding that, whenever I fancy a non-vegan food, instead of being tempted to eat it, I start researching vegan recipes like:

I should confess that one of the things we did to distract ourselves from feeling grotty was see Star Wars at the cinema. For the 5th time.

I feel like this is a lot more exciting than heading for the nearest ready-made tub of something, though πŸ™‚ It gives you a sense of achievement, and helps you decide whether you really want something, or if you’re just being lazy. Last night, for example, I was really sad that I couldn’t have the garlic dip which came with my pizza, so I tried dipping my crusts in some humous instead – it was yummy πŸ˜€

So, in summary: the sense of challenge has increased, but so has my determination!


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