Social interaction

Last night, Jacob and I were invited to a birthday gathering at my friend’s house, so we had a few pre-drinks at my house then joined the group. We already were fairly drunk when we arrived, there was a nice group of people I know from uni, and overall I had a really good time 🙂

However, the subject of veganism raised its head quite quickly. Ironically, it was not me or Jacob who started the conversation, but rather one of the hosts. (Why do people have the tendency to bring up a topic, just so as to attack it?!) I was sincerely hoping that the topic of veganism would not come up last night; not because I do not feel well-equipped to justify my choice (not that I should have to), but rather because it was not the time or the place to have a debate, during a fun drunken student party whilst surrounded by my friends (most of whom respect veganism and would not criticise it).

One of the two hosts was actually very pleasant and said that he respects my decision and knows that it is the right thing to do 🙂 However, he then went on to say that, because he is a keen gym-goer, that “nothing except meat provides the amount of protein he needs”. Now, as I have already mentioned, I did not feel that it was the time or situation to have a full-on debate (especially because he was very drunk), so I was fairly passive in my replies, but still made it clear that I disagreed with him for various reasons.

The other host made it very obvious that she disagrees with the idea of veganism. Some of the things she said were “if we all stopped eating meat or dairy, what would we do with all the animals?” and “I grew up around farmers, and they’re lovely people”.


However, later on, she also basically admitted that the reason she is an omnivore is because she would be too lazy to find alternatives! Typical…

Jacob, bless him, was very upset after this conversation because, apparently, he overheard the above person say that she is “proud to be a meat-eater”, and we left shortly afterwards.

What is the best thing to do in situations like this? Did I do the right thing by remaining quite passive? I was caught in a dilemma of wanting to have a full-on (but polite and probably very long) debate, but also wanting to keep the atmosphere light because everybody was drunk etc. I would really appreciate your thoughts 🙂


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