Resisting temptations!

Good morning everyone! I wanted to write a quick post about something from which I feel a sense of accomplishment. It may seem like a small thing, but it felt like a big achievement for me 🙂

Last night, I was working late (until after 11pm) at Lidl, and one of my tasks for the evening was helping to clean the bakery. Here was where the challenge lay because, when we clean the bakery and everything is written off, we are allowed to take some cakes or bread for ourselves! Normally, I would take a cookie and maybe a pastry to chomp on whilst finishing the day’s jobs, but last night I had to resist and just take a few bits of bread instead. This became even more difficult when my colleague asked “Aren’t you going to take anything?”

I have never been so tempted by cake (and that is saying something!) but, to be honest, it was probably just because I was so hungry after the long shift.

Of course, the range of Lidl products I can eat has now been reduced even further, but they are very good at labelling ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans’ on appropriate stuff 🙂 I was chatting to another colleague about it yesterday, and he was saying they might introduce a freefrom section some time in the future, because they tried it a few weeks ago and things sold well. I really hope this will happen permanently!! *crosses all phalanges*

Thought: I am a bit puzzled by which breads are vegan. I was under the impression that bread was made with milk and/or eggs. What would they use instead of milk or eggs? Am I being very ignorant? Please let me know the answer if you are more clued-up! 🙂


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