Day three ponderings

This morning, I met my mum in town to go for lunch and a good catch-up 🙂 I forgot to set my alarm clock last night, but part of my brain must have realised this and, as a result, gave me a very light, interrupted sleep full of bad dreams in order to ensure I woke up on time!

These dreams included my dad giving me a giant pot of strawberry yoghurt and me eating half of it before remembering that it was made from dairy, and going to work (I work part-time at Lidl) and eating a whole selection of meat-, dairy- and egg-based goods :/

This was clearly just my subconscious symbolising and exaggerating my slight concern that I will no longer be able to eat a lot of things I enjoy (but I didn’t even like dairy yoghurt or pepperoni pizza much, so I don’t know why it chose those!).

However, there is a vast amount of knowledge and advice out there about yummy vegan substitutes. I have already been send loads of links to recipes and online resources, from friends and family, and there is a constant stream of handy finds from these vegan Facebook pages I follow:

Vegan (Supermarket finds) UK:

Vegans UK- Off Topic Chat:

The one element I thought I may struggle with is eggs, as I often got cravings for egg sandwiches since going veggie. However, I wondered whether the reason for this might be lack of iron, rather than the actual taste of the sandwiches and, sure enough, when I increased my iron intake, the cravings diminished! 🙂 So there is usually a logical answer for everything…

Today, Mum and I went to The Green Rocket Cafe, and ended up having a late breakfast instead of lunch, as we were a bit early! I had the vegan version of their ‘veggie monster breakfast’ and a soya latte (they were out of almond milk). The only thing they had to change to make it vegan was substituting scrambled egg for marinated tofu, which was delicious.

The compulsory food pic! NB: I am very bad at taking food photos, often because I am so hungry I forget until all that is left is an empty plate…

The breakfast included:

  • marinated tofu
  • 2 sausages
  • kale
  • beans in a tasty sauce
  • mushrooms
  • tomato
  • sautéed potatoes
  • toast and spread

Phew I was full!! It’s lasted me till just now, while I’m writing this blog post. Thankfully, Jacob will be in soon; he’s going to make us hot dogs, using Linda McCartney sausages 😀 *mouth waters* Ciao for now!


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