First steps

Yesterday (Jan 18th 2016), at around 2pm, I finally made the decision to switch from vegetarianism to veganism, and am feeling slightly nervous, but mostly happy, excited and determined.

I became vegetarian about five months ago, when I realised that the only thing stopping me was finding a decent-tasting chicken substitute. I had been put off other meat and fish a long time ago, due to a combination of ethics, health warnings and environmental awareness, and was raised as pescatarian until I was six years old, so I think the change was imminent for a while! Chicken was the one meat I could not give up, due to its versatility, so when I discovered Fry’s vegan chicken-style strips at my local Holland & Barrett, I went veggie straight away and never looked back.

I have been with my partner, Jacob, since last June, who has been vegan since early 2015 and, although he has never pressurised me in the least, the idea of going vegan has been in the back of my mind ever since. This increased as I discovered more and more delicious and healthy substitutes, and found myself feeling guilty whenever I ate anything made with animal products.

I have not bought dairy cheese, milk or butter, or any eggs, for months. I only consumed animal products if they were already present in things such as sandwiches or sauces. So I was nearly there; just lazy!

That is a pretty succinct explanation for where I am now. On we go! 😀


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